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The Flow: The Phoenix

Posted on: November 22, 2009

posted by Emilyn (Drew SDS) & Christa

The Phoenix by Vanessa Nichols

At the dawn,

The sun sheds her cloak of mood, cloak and starry black skies

And stands naked, bright and shining,

Filled with yellow, and orange, and brilliance.

And all I can do is wish to be as lovely as she.

Such radiance! Like the Phoenix rising;

Arms turned into wings the color of glowing embers

Stretched as wide and far as the rays of the sun herself.

Bursting with passion and gold and blazing.

Too small and too wonderful to contain it all.

But we don’t believe in blinding flames anymore.

How can we dream of such light?

Wings clipped, the color of ash, bound to earth

Through chains whose links are made of things too solid to break,

Things like gravity and pasts that hurt us to remember.

Women much like any other woman;

Like my mother, my friends, myself;

Women whose light has been diminished,

Who wear cloaks of bruises and broken promises now.

Filled with fear and rage and destruction.

Sweet sisters,

Trapped in cages not of their own making.

Bodies banging and thrashing against bars

Spasming in pain and silence

Too shamed and confused to sign

No melodies are heard here,

But look how pretty the silent bird is.

Muffled by gilded cages

Constructed from hardest of materials

Things we were made to believe.

This is the darkest of places

Closed curtains block the sun.

No mood or starts to wrap us in fitful slumber.

There is no dreaming in this gloom.

“Sing for us!” they say, “croon for us something sweet,

“Let your voice choke past your rage and sorrow

“Flit amongst golden bars, sing and dance,

“Become our vision; slut, slave and nurturer

“For the cage is large and the sun cannot reach you here

“Let our praise warm you and our approval be your stars

“We will keep you safe”

But birds such as we;

Like my mothers, my friends, myself

We were not made for cages, gilded as they may be,

Our wings and hearts and love cannot be contained

Even by things of the most hurtful construction.

Lift up your wings and soar once again.

Rising like the Phoenix

Filled with rage and destruction and new promise,

From tombs of ash and tears to take flight.

Breaking through golden bars created by those who evied our passion.

We fly like no others.

At dawn

The sun and I will rise again.

Shedding the pasts and hurts of yesterday

Like cloaks of moon and cloud and stars

For I am simply me; a phoenix, daughter of the sun, naked, bright and shining

Join us.


3 Responses to "The Flow: The Phoenix"

wow, this is very powerful. i love it.
such a coincidence too, i was thinking of the comparison of a phoenix to those hurt by life experiences just the other day!

wow! i know what you’re saying. i’ve thought a lot about the avian and sun imagery before, but never thought about connecting them or specifically about the phoenix. i really liked this. i love how it really emphasizes feelings of strength and rage more towards the end.

Fabulous! 🙂

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