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The Flow: The Best of Ani DiFranco

Posted on: March 28, 2010

No feminist music collection would be complete with out a little Ani Difranco.  We could probably post about an Ani song for a year and still have some good feminist lyrics to work with.  So we decided to do a best of. These are our favorite political/feminist Ani songs!  We uploaded the mix so you can download them here:

Thanks to everyone who sent us the songs Christa was lacking in their library.

Clearly we can’t post the lyrics of all of the songs, but we linked to them and here is a good site where most of Ani’s songs are listed

Best of Ani Difranco!
(Not in any particular order)
1. If He Tries Anything Out of Range
2. Talk To Me Now -Ani Difranco
3. Origami -Educated Guess
4. Roll With It -Not So Soft
5. Not Angry Anymore -Up Up Up Up Up Up
6. Little Plastic Castle -Little Plastic Castle
7. In or Out – Living in Clip (Originally released on Imperfectly)
8. Present/Heroine -Red Letter Year
9. I’m No Heroine– Living in Clip (Originally released on Imperfectly)
10. Face Up And Sing – Out of Range
11. 32 Flavors -Living In Clip (Originally released on Not A Pretty Girl)
12. Lost Woman Song -Ani Difranco
13. Not A Pretty Girl -Not A Pretty Girl
14. Your Next Bold Move -Reckoning
15. The Story -Ani Difranco
16. Millenium Theater -Reprieve
17. Subdivision -Reckoning
18. Letter to a John -Living In Clip (Originally released on Out of Range)
19. My I.Q. – Live Version (Originally released on Puddle Dive)
20. Reprieve -Reprieve
21. Decree – Reprieve
22. Gratitude – Not So Soft
23. Shroud -Reprieve
24. ‘Tis of Thee -Up Up Up Up Up Up
25. Paradigm– Knuckle Down

What is your favorite Ani song?


4 Responses to "The Flow: The Best of Ani DiFranco"

Oh, there are so many good Ani d’s songs! I would also add her poem ‘Self Evident’.


😦 but the download link is broken.


i think i fixed the link now!

“School Night” should definitely be in the top ten. It’s a brilliant song.

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