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We are the Womyn’s Caucus of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). We are womyn, youth, organizers, and revolutionaries.

This blog is a space for women and gender variant folks (basically non-cismen*) to share experiences, interests, stories, opinions, etc in a supportive environment, to politically analyze those experiences and to have a unified apparatus to present this information to others. We attempt to explore the intersections of sexism with heternormativity, cis-sexism, race, class, ableism, ageism, and sizeism (as well as other oppressions).

We are bringing feminist direct action to the blogosphere by taking up space and posting our raw emotions and analysis about gender oppression. This blog is not about doing outreach to gain new members of the feminist movement. It is for whatever we have to say about patriarchy. We’re not saying we have all the answers, but sometimes we get so damn fed up, and venting is a part of the process. Its really hard to talk about these things when people get defensive, so try not to come from a place of judgement. It is not the oppressed’s responsibility to sugar-coat our feelings to make them more palatable for the oppressor.

For many writers, it is their first time writing for a blog or a large audience. It is a place to say what we’ve been taught not to voice, even with each other. We make ourselves vulnerable. We do it because we hope that the benefits of potentially empowering other womyn and gender variant folks with our words outweigh our fears of taking up too much space, of being too honest and hurting men.

*cisgender: (noun.) (in this piece we use cismale/cismen/cisdude)

1. the contrast to trans on the gender spectrum

2. someone who lives and identifies as the sex they were assigned at birth

Mission Statement

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