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posted by Christa & Emilyn

The procrastination continues for us here at The Flow.  Sorry about that!

So this week we are featuring Jessica Scherlag, a senior art major at Drew University (Christa’s alma matter and Emilyn’s current place of study). Next year she will be attending NYU for Visual Art Administration  Her work has a strong feminist narrative and she considers a lot of gender related issues in her process (plus she is an organizer with the feminist group on her campus!)  You can find out more about her here.  And the works from her Senior Studio course (its the equivalent of a thesis for art majors at Drew) at her website.  More art after the cut!

Bows, 2010. 42 X 23 inches. Acrylic on cardboard.

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-posted by Emilyn (Drew SDS) and Christa-

I’m really excited to announce that we are showcasing a visual artist this week!  Katherine Murdock attended Drew University with Emilyn and I and has does really interesting work with different mediums.  She has done paintings/works with themes of sexual assault, environmentalism, and breast cancer.  You can check out her work and artist statement on her website: Enjoy some of her pieces below!

Partially Censored Pink Mannequins, 2009 (digital photo)

Raped, 2007 (Oil Paint)

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