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-by Tim (formerly of DC SDS)-

*cisgender: (noun.)

1. the contrast to trans on the gender spectrum
2. someone who lives and identifies as the sex they were assigned at birth

1.  Ask EVERYONE which pronouns they use, and actually commit yourself to using them.  Please please please stop only asking people who look “gender-variant” enough about their pronouns.  First of all, we (shockingly) don’t like always being singled out in groups for our gender presentation.  Secondly, you can’t tell people’s gender identities by looking at them.  We should be building a radical culture where everyone can have their identities respected, and making questions about pronouns a habit for everyone makes it much easier for that to take shape, rather than trans and genderqueer people having to feel the pressure of constantly outing themselves every time they meet a new persyn.
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