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-originally posted November 22, 2009-

About 5 years ago, I stopped hanging out and doing work in the anarchist community because it wasn’t meeting my needs. The community wasn’t doing the kind of work I’m most interested in, it was completely white-centric, and it tended to silence me when I got the most passionate. In short, the anarchist community in the city I was living in failed me.

But I never stopped considering myself an anarchist.

During my anarchist years, the same tiresome things kept happening. I’d attend meetings and it never changed: there was often a palpable feeling in the air “Who is this breeder? Doesn’t she know her kid isn’t welcome?” This always made me feel like saying, “Listen, you stinky motherfucker, your impressively righteous punk patches and by-the-book taste in music notwithstanding,  you don’t get to decide whose party this is, and just because you’re uncomfortable with your own parents and class privilege doesn’t mean all parents, or all kids suck. It might mean that you suck, though. Now go throw a rock at a window and call it revolution.” Read the rest of this entry »


posted by Robin, Philly SDS

Last weekend at the Anarchist Movement Conference in the UK, a group of women interrupted the conference with a direct action – they played a video they created called “No Pretence” about sexism in the anarchist movement.

On their website,, the anonymous group says,

This is what was said.

“We make no pretence. This is a conference by and for anarchists. And by anarchists, we mean those opposed to the state, all forms of nationalism, capitalism, sexual/race/gender oppression and all forms of exploitation and domination,” Anarchist Movement Conference 09 Call Out

This is our response.

Pretty effing cool.

They also have a list of links about sexism in Leftist movements, many of which we had on out womyns caucus wiki pg.  Check it out!