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These are really fantastic videos.


The music in this one is especially good (its by Dave End, who is from Philadelphia!)


Throughout my life-and yes I think every woman’s life but I’ll stick to talking about mine since I know it best-I have struggled with body image, continually wavering from acceptance and love of my body and disappointment and even disgust for it. Looking back at my childhood and adolescence, there are many painful memories that I can dredge up, experiences in which people who were supposed to be loved ones, caretakers (including teachers, family members, neighbors, friends) knowingly or unknowingly reinforced what the dominant culture told me about women’s bodies, my body, through movies, books, tv, textbooks, etc. There was an ideal woman out there. She was/is pretty, docile, thin, demur, and I learned, was taught early on that I was not HER.

Whether the time when I was a young girl, probably 5 or 6, that my grandmother told me not to eat so much, something that would never and still will never be told to any of my male cousins (in fact, they should eat more!), or the time a gym teacher told me she was surprised at my athleticism because a girl of 11 with a short stocky build is not usually such a good runner!, or my mother expressing her concern over my upper lip hair upon accompanying me to my first visit to a gynecologist- all of these experiences continue to hamper my love for myself and my body as well as my ability to truly love and trust all women despite my discovery of radical politics and feminism and my continued work to develop and promote critical consciousness-my own and others.

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