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Robin Markle helped me immensely with this piece.  It wouldn’t be possible without her. This paper was a companion piece to my internship with SDS that I completed January 2009. Most of this research is qualitative, although there is some quantitative data. I’m not speaking in absolutes, but researched behavior and trends.

Note: Parts of this article are framed it as male/female. I am not promoting the gender binary by any means. The most common binary term I used was “women-centered organizing”…I used this rather than feminist or trans/women/genderqueer-centered organizing because

1) A lot of the groups the articles studied about aren’t feminist. A lot of the groups are moderate/conservative/non-partisan women’s groups but have similar aspects of organizing.

2) In that same vein, I didn’t use trans/women/genderqueer-centered organizing because a lot of these groups ARE Cis-normative and binary. A lot of these groups aren’t radical, they have problematic aspects to them, but they also organize in some really effective ways, which means we should study and learn from the things they do right and grow away from the things they do wrong.

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These are really fantastic videos.


The music in this one is especially good (its by Dave End, who is from Philadelphia!)

Hey all,

So I commented on Amber’s post about this but I was encouraged to make it into a post =], so here goes.

I’ve noticed throughout this blog that there are a lot of disclaimers before the meat of entries about the entries possibly being scatterbrained or not making sense or things of that nature. It makes me a tiny bit sad to see these because all of the entries kick so much ass! I’m including myself in this post too because the only other post I made had a disclaimer as well- even a plea for the other bloggers to add to it. I am very unsure myself about posting on this blog because, actually, all of the other posts make me feel so unworthy! Haha, I hate seeing women with brains out the wazoo coming down on themselves even a tiny bit. I can’t help but feel like it might be internalized patriarchy, but I also am not sure about that. Maybe there’s just a need to not feel as arrogant as the patriarchs we talk about! That’s how I justify it to myself, but I know a large part of it comes from my lack of confidence in my intellect.

So I just encourage everyone to think about maybe not including a disclaimer next time they post, so many great things are posted on this blog, I haven’t seen one lackluster post yet! It will be hard for me to exclude these disclaimers, but I think for me it will be worth a try.

What does everyone else think about this?

ALL my love,

Ellen, Drew SDS

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The Phoenix by Vanessa Nichols

At the dawn,

The sun sheds her cloak of mood, cloak and starry black skies

And stands naked, bright and shining,

Filled with yellow, and orange, and brilliance.

And all I can do is wish to be as lovely as she.

Such radiance! Like the Phoenix rising;

Arms turned into wings the color of glowing embers

Stretched as wide and far as the rays of the sun herself.

Bursting with passion and gold and blazing.

Too small and too wonderful to contain it all.

But we don’t believe in blinding flames anymore.

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