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posted by Christa

I’ve always had love in my heart for femmes and have struggled with the femme label that is often placed on me and how that affects how I perceive my identity. I feel like there is a lot of distain towards femmes (maybe dismissal is a better term?) within the radical queer community and femmes face a lot of invisibility in the both the queer community and mainstream society (partially because they pass as straight). One quote that has always stood out for me is from Stone Butch Blues when one of the femmes says “If I’m not with a butch everyone just assumes I’m straight. It’s like I’m passing too, against my will I’m sick of the world thinking I’m straight. I’ve worked hard to be discriminated against as a lesbian.” So when I heard this piece by Ivan Coyote, I couldn’t help but swoon just a little bit.

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posted by Emilyn and Christa

Can’t resist posting this classic:

“Just A Girl” by No Doubt

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posted by Emilyn and Christa

Emilyn and I have wanted to put a piece up by Lenelle Moïse for some time now but I was waiting til I had a bit more free time to write down the lyrics to one of her pieces (its hard to find them online).  I first saw Lenelle at a spoken word show/art opening with queer women artists in New York.  I liked her so much that I booked her at venue where I worked with the collaboration of Drew SDS and a few other campus groups.  She has great politics, beautiful poetry, and fantastic stage presence.  I felt compelled to post something by her now because Lenelle is Haitian-American and one of her poems was recently posted online.  Here is Mud Mothers.  Below I also included a video of  her piece “Envy” as well as some links!


the children of haiti
are not mythological
we are starving
or eating salty cakes
made of clay

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-posted by Christa (Philly) and Emilyn (Drew SDS)-

by Andrea Gibson

there are days
when there is no way
not even a chance
that i’d dare for even a second
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-posted by Christa and Emilyn (Drew SDS)-

The song for this week is actually by a dude, but the lyrics fit our criteria, so enjoy!  Also, the video isn’t an actual video, just a series of pictures, but you get to hear the song, which is the important part.

“Black Girl Pain” by Talib Kweli
(feat. Jean Grae)

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These are really fantastic videos.


The music in this one is especially good (its by Dave End, who is from Philadelphia!)

posted by Emilyn (Drew SDS) & Christa

We fucking love this video, so hopefully you do too.

Like A Boy

By Ciara

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