SDS Womyn's Caucus Blog

Mission Statement

Womyn’s Caucus Mission Statement

-written June 2008-

The SDS National Women’s Caucus is a safe space for women and gender variant folks (basically non-cismen) to work together in the process of building an anti-sexist organization, community, and ultimately a society free of patriarchy. This space is used to share experiences in a supportive environment; to politically analyze those experiences; to work toward concrete demands and goals for the organization; and to have a unified apparatus to present this information to the entirety of SDS.
We do this through the honest and constructively critical sharing of our experiences to one another and to SDS as an organization. We utilize this space to develop and elevate  leadership through providing emotional and organizational support. We provide direction to the Men’s Auxiliary and SDS as a whole on how to actively identify and address how patriarchy manifests in our organizing, activism, and personal interactions/relationships.


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